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NEW Caribbean Boat Show – BVI Yacht Brokerage Showcase

The 1st Annual BVI Yacht Brokerage Showcase wrapped up on Sunday afternoon at the Bitter End Yacht Club. The four day event saw crowds of people walk the docks, viewing a great selection of pre-owned yachts. Three BVI-based yacht brokers (BVI Yacht Sales, 123 Hulls, and Moorings Brokerage) participated, listing 16 boats (one sold on the eve of the show). Boats ranged in size from a 38-foot True North powerboat to a 58-foot classic Abeking & Rasmussen sailing ketch. There were power, sail, monohull, and cats. And private viewings were on offer before and after show hours.

There was a seminar on Saturday entitled “Purchasing Your First or Next Yacht” offered by Rourke Henderson of 123 Hulls Yacht Sales. And an “on the docks” show party on Friday afternoon. The BVI Tourist Board also had a dockside display. But best of all, show attendees got to spend quality time with Caribbean-based brokers in a relaxed environment. And if a customer was keen on a boat not on display in the show, the brokers were equipped with their entire listing databases.

According to show organizer John Glynn, “we—Bitter End Yacht Club—show at numerous boat shows in the States every year, and many people come by our booth saying they’d love to purchase a boat in the BVI and keep it in the Caribbean. So we thought it a good idea to offer these folks a show just for them.” Customers came on charter yachts, from local villas, and from area hotels. And according to show manager Carine Locher, “while it’s hard to compare with Newport, Annapolis, and Miami, it was a good first year show—the brokers and attendees enjoyed it quite a bit.”

The dates for the 2nd Annual are tentatively scheduled for April 11-14, 2013.

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